We are so thankful for all that you did and how great the book turned out. He is autographing each one of them and I got the first copy which was so sweet. You have brought great joy to a very old man.    Cindy

"We owe a special and profound thank-you to Linda. We are grateful for her patience, kindness, and practical help during the months it took to produce our book."   John & Barb

All services can be conducted in person or online via Skype. 


  • At our initial free consultation, if you decide to work with me to take steps to preserve your family legacy we will decide on who you'd like to have interviewed if it's someone other than yourself. 
  • You will choose what chapters of your life you'd like to have covered and any anecdotes / memories you want to be sure to include. I can also provide a list of questions to jog your memory. 
  • We will discuss the scope of the project. I have packages to fit almost every budget. You'll have the choice of spiral bound, paperback, or hardback with different levels of quality of design and layout. You may choose to do a mini book of just one story, such as the story of how your parents met, or a tribute to the career of a loved one, or a full book of your or your loved one's life stories. 
  • We will schedule the first interview, each one lasting about 2 hours. You will always be in control of how many more you want with a possible total of 10 hours of interviews. These will be relaxed and conversational and a lot of fun! 
  • I will transcribe and gently edit the recorded interviews and transform them into a flowing, engaging  narrative while retaining the subject's voice.  
  • You approve the first and final drafts, all content of the book is in your control for additions or deletions. Nothing is included without your final approval. 
  • You choose photographs and any other memorabilia you'd like included in your book. These can include letters, military records, birth certificates, awards; anything that will enhance your story. 
  • I take care of book production, how many books you'd like to order is up to you!  
  • Your books will be delivered to you personally, and I offer a family book party where you can autograph your books and distribute them to family members. Your stories will be a priceless gift that will be treasured for generations. 



   The process